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Awkward Money Conversations with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the amazing Kathleen Burns Kingsbury on her podcast,...

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Partnering With Financial Planners

While most of my referrals come from litigation attorneys, there are times when I partner with...
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Resolution is the Real Client!

I recently had the opportunity to appear as a guest on Communication Commandments, a podcast...
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The Need for Networking

People always ask me what it takes to build a successful mediation practice. For me, the key has...
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There’s No BS on The Inside BS Show!

Dave Lorenzo, The Godfather of Growth, has a terrific podcast called The Inside BS Show. It was a...
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Litigation to Negotiation

Are you curious about what it takes to transition your legal practice from litigation to...
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Seventy is the New Fifty

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with two wonderful professionals, George Bukuras and...
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Shifting Your Litigation Practice to Mediation

Steve Seckler, host of the Counsel to Counsel podcast, is one of my favorite people in a...
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