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Our offices are located in downtown Boston, proximate to South Station.  Based upon the needs of the parties, we can conduct mediations, conciliations, or facilitations almost anywhere in the United States, and have several locations available to us throughout the Greater Boston area.


101 Federal Street
​Suite 1900
Boston, MA 02110

mediation quotes
"I was in a legal battle with an insurance company that was going on for years. Thanks to the pandemic, my long-term relationship with these lawyers had no end in sight. I suggested mediation. Amy made the process seamless for both parties. I felt heard and understood throughout the negotiations. In one day we were able to finally put to rest what had taken years to contend with, and did so in fair agreement to both parties. I would highly suggest mediation to anyone dealing with legal stagnation because of my experience with Mariani Mediation.”
Plaintiff in Insurance Coverage Matter